ABH 'Trust Issues': old vs. new | comparison to 'Veronica'

Due to the fact that Norvina (the daughter of the founder of ABH Cosmetics) addressed the issue that many people said 'Veronica' and 'Trust Issues', both are liquid lipsticks, looked way too similar, she renewed the color of Trust Issues. I thought that's a great occasion to compare them side by side and also give you my thoughts on the newer version of Trust Issues including swatches, so you can make up your own mind.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Comparison Veronica Trust Issues new old

Original Trust Issues: More like a rusty/brownish red
Renewed Trust Issues: Described as a dusty aubergine
Veronica: Described as a taupe mauve

In my opinion, Veronica and the previous color of Trust Issues don't look similar at all, even if they both are brownish - I can still see a big difference. I feared that the current one would look more like 'Potion' because now they are both aubergine colors but my worries were unfounded since Potion is way deeper and darker.

Veronica vs. old trust issues vs. new trust issues

What has changed are both formulation and color in both products compared to other colors of the brand.  I like that because I am not a huge fan of the original formulation since I got to try other brands' liquid lipsticks and now am able to tell a difference. The newer ones dry down better, don't take that long to settle and last longer while the original ones need way too long to dry down completely on my lips, even if I exfoliate and moisturize the hell out of them. Without these steps, liquid lipstick just will look patchy on me since I have dry lips which means that I probably should stick to a normal lipstick. Colorwise I like both versions, the old and the new one.

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