Cravings 2016

Every year there are a few products I’d like to spoil myself with. Today I will show you my list for 2016 based on recommendations, ravings from other bloggers/my favorite YouTubers or just because I am curious about it.

1. Natasha Denona – Eyeshadow Palette 28 – Purple Blue
Well, $ 239 for this palette may sound ridiculous but if you do the math it is approximately $ 8,5 for each eyeshadow, where an individual shadow from ND costs you $ 27. I really am into purples and metallic shades and when I saw swatches of these shadows I was blown away by their pigmentation. That’s why I needed to have this item and luckily there are just three or four shades that don’t seem to be my cup of tea.

2. Artis Brush - Elite Smoke Collection Brush
I have to admit that those brushes look like you can use them for cleaning your shoes, but it is just an alternative way for applying makeup. The ones by Mac didn’t receive a good review and their Oval 6 is just too small for my needs, so I am saving my money for the Oval 8 or 10 by Artis. The Oval 10 one is made with 250.000 supremely soft CosmeFibre® filaments. With normal face brushes you tend to use more product but that shouldn’t be the case with these ones. The Artis Brushes are suitable for sensitive skin - you can apply powder or liquid with them.

3. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
What’s missing in Foundation graveyard is a product from Giorgio Armani and I’ve heard really good stuff about his Luminous Silk Foundation because it’s lightweight and provides a dewy finish and doesn’t settle in fine lines which is important for me because I have a distinctive smile line where makeup always sets. The only downside I suspect is that choosing the right shade won’t be that easy.

4. Oud Perfume
When it comes to perfume I am very picky and more of a person who likes fresh or oriental scents but one smell that always gets me is Oud. Everytime I am visiting Dubai and entering a shopping center it always hits me because of its intense fragrance which I adore. Since Oud isn’t that cheap it is definitely something you will only buy if you have some extra money left. I showed you my candle with Oud scent here.
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