Lush: Valentine's Day 2016

I hope you guys are having a great Sunday. For me, Sunday is my relaxing, beauty and also craving day. Speaking of craving, in less than one month is Valentine’s Day and like every year Lush therefore launched some new limited goodies, so let’s just have a look at the new stuff which is already available at their online shop and in their stores. Like every year I have to mention it: Please, bring back “Close to you”!

Tisty Tosty - € 5,50 / piece

This bath bomb contains rose absolute, lemon and geranium oil and jasmine. Just throw it in your bathtub, lie back and relax … and watch little rosebuds rise to the surface. Who doesn’t need a little magic in his life?

Prince Charming -  € 8,50 / 100ml
€ 16,95 / 250ml
€ 28,95 / 500ml

Lush made it easy for you: If there is no Prince Charming in your life, you can buy one. He comes in a small (100 ml), medium (250 ml) and big (500 ml) size. Just choose your style. I’ve tried to like this scent but I am just not into it, but maybe you are.
It is made from pomegranate juice, organic cocoa butter, grapefruit oil, snowflake lustre, Marshmallow Root and Fair Trade Vanilla Pod Infusion.

The Kiss Lip Gloss - € 10,95 / piece 

I’ve never tried their balms as a stick, only in the little pots and I enjoyed them. Shea butter; coconut, tangerine, melon and almond oil are only a few ingredients this tinted lip balm with a decent shimmer is made of. Now that your lips are moisturized and soft the kissing marathon can start!

Unicorn Horn - € 6,50 / piece

“I am special like a Unicorn”, here’s your horn that you will need. I remember this product from last year and I am sure that I still have one stored in my Lush boxes. This bubble bar smells like lavendar and neroli oil plus it contains sparkling lustre and candy stars. Your entrance to Wonderland.

Roses All The Way - € 6, 50 / piece

This little rose soap does not only look good it also contains glycerine, coconut oil, kaolin and the main ingredient fresh rose infusion from Turkey. You can use it whilst washing your hands and for your body. At least this rose won't fade away as soon as a flower.

Lover Lamp - € 5,95 / piece

When I read the description of this bath bomb I just thought “handle me one!”. It is made from fair trade (!) bio cocao butter that softens your skin and smells delicious plus orange oil, vanilla absolute, a hint of chocolate orange notes and gold glimmer lustre.

The Kiss Lip Scrub - € 10,45 / 25 g

I personally like Lush lip scrubs, I always adored the one that tastes like coke (Santa’s lip scrub), bubblegum and mint julips. They are just easy to use, you take a small amount, scrub your lips and then you lick it off or rub it off depending on your personal preference. The Kiss is made from sea salt, sugar and cacoa butter plus they added edible red hearts in it. Their lip scrubs last me six to seven month and I scrub my lips on a regular base – essential when you use liquid lipsticks!

As always they are offering you gift sets … my two personal favorites are “Love & Kisses” and “Lots of love” because you get a little bit of everything like a massage bar, shower cream, lip balm and so on, in here but just take a look yourself, I am sure you will find something you want to try.

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