Lush: Halloween 2015

Fall and Winter aren’t my favorite seasons for several reasons, but one of the pros fall has – in my opinion –  are the limited editions Lush offers. Halloween is one example and since it is around the corner, I am going to talk about this year’s Halloween products. So, let’s get spooky.

Sparkly Pumpkin” / bubble bar – € 5,95 / piece


“Carve out a wonderfully spicy bubble bath for yourself, filled with juniperberry and lime.”

Sparkly Pumpkin and I are friends since last year because of its golden shimmer and the calming scent & don’t worry, your bath tub won’t be a hot mess after using it. Inasmuch it is a bubble bar, you have to crumble it under the running water and the stronger your water pressure, the more bubbles you will get. One bar lasts you for two baths if you separate it.
Juniperberry, grapefruit, lime oils and gold glimmer lustre are the main ingredients here. After a busy week I was really looking forward to use this buddy that gave me back my energy and softend my skin.


Nightwing” / Shower jelly – € 6,95 / piece



“A fang-tastic, fruit pastille-scented jelly to put the bite back into your bathroom.”

First of all I have to admit that I am not drawn to their shower jellies because they are too slippery (yeah, obviously it is called “jelly”) that’s why I was a little bit sceptical before I used Nightwing. Besides the fact that this one absolutely looks funny because it is shaped like a bat, I found it more handy than their normal shower jellies. The fresh scent of it is amazeballs, so I really enjoyed hopping in the shower with this wobbler.
It contains fresh lime juice, Aloe Vera and carob syrup and if you are in a hurry: You can also use shower jellies as a shampoo. Nightwing has to be stored in the fridge or freezer to keep cool.


Lord of Misrule” / bath bomb – € 6,45 / piece


“Revel in the bath with a wine-coloured, mystically-scented soak.”

If you love surprises, this bath bomb is something for you because it won’t retain its green color and also contains popping candy. Okay, again: POPPING CANDY!! The scent is more like a herbal one because of black pepper oil and patchouli, furthermore it implies Fair Trade vanilla absolute.
You drop Lord of Misrule in your bath tub, which should be already filled with warm water and watch it frothing.


Lord of Misrule” / Shower cream – € 8,95 / 100g


“Spicy black pepper and patchouli set off earthy revelry. Mischief managed.”

You can choose if you want your Lord to be a shower cream or a bath bomb. The ingredients are equal, except that the shower cream also contains wheatgerm oil, which provides Vitamin E to nourish your skin and snowflake lustre. After using Lord of Misrule my skin was pleasent scented, also soft and it’s just fun to use I mean, come on, how many shower gels/creams look like green slime?


*products friendly provided by Lush



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