Urban Decay: Good Karma

When it comes to make up brushes I always stuck to the ones from Sigma beauty because they aren’t as expensive as MAC ones and also offer did offer a great quality. I was super satisfied with my F80 Flat Kabuki brush until it lost so much hair after one or two month, that I just had to threw it away. That never happened to me before and no, I know how to wash a brush and also how to keep them stored, it was just poor quality – after it was clear to me that I cannot use the brush anymore I exert a little bit pressure and held all the hair in my hand and saw that the wood wasn’t damaged or anything else, they just did not glued or fabric the Kabuki brush they way it should be. Long story short: No more Sigma brushes, that’s why I was in need for a new foundation brush and finally found a good one: The Urban Decay “Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush”.

The brush’s handle is made of recycled aluminum, and the brush hair are synthetic. It is a vegan brush for blending and buffing makeup to a flawless finish. You can apply liquid and powder foundation with it (I only used liquid products) to create an unstreaky finish. With this brush you can work the foundation into your skin easily, furthermore it provides an even, soft and smooth result.

Urban Decay “Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush” – € 24,-


It is a medium-large brush with dense hair, has a domed top so you can also use it in the under eye area (I sometimes do that when I am packing on concealer) or around your nose. According to its description it is ideal for mature skin because it gives you a youthful-looking appearance, but since I don’t have that type of skin I can’t say anything about it.

I would recommend the brush to you with the only downside that it is made in China, a fact that I am not keen about, but yeah, a makeup brush that is not manufactured in that country is hard to find, even Zoeva or Sigma produce there, so if you have any recommandations for a makeup brush besides Sephora or MAC ones, just let me know.


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