Otto Blog Award 2.0

I decided that since they’ve changed their rules I will take part at the Otto Blog Award 2015. All of the 150 participiants received a black crochet vest – since we all did not know in the forefront which items we will be given, I ordered mine way too big, but yeah, deal with it – the current issue of “WOMAN”, a red lipstick, mascara and a red nail polish by Maybelline. The challenge: Create a look with the vest, use at least two of the beauty products and place the magazine right, all in one picture. Since I am not very creative when it comes to fashion, it was difficult for me to submit with an outstanding outfit, so next time just send us an eyeshadow palette and it will be easier for me ;-)

If you want to vote for me (I would appreciate that) then click here. Below you will find one of those photos we took for the challenge.

Greetings from Greece (where I am right now),


  1. Hello, where can we vote for you?


    1. Sorry, the link was missing, I've added it now!

      Thank you, xx Julia


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