What’s new in Lush land?

So I guess the only thing I like about Valentine's Day is that Lush (inter alia) offers special products at the time around that "special day". I did not buy all of the Valentine's stuff, just the new products, besides Love Locket. But honestly I am a little bit disappointed that they don't sell "Close to you" this year! :-(

Love Locket – € 10,95 / piece

If you break this bath bomb into half, you will find a small bath bomb that contains little hearts which I find really cute and the best thing is that the product is big enough for using it twice. It contains Vanilla and Jasmine but don't worry, the scent isn't too intense.

Heart Throb Bubbleroon – € 5,95 / piece

If you like the scent of the "African paradise conditioner" you will adore this product plus it lasts for two baths also. It contains Shea butter to indulge your skin.

Floating Flower – € 5,95 / piece

This colourful baby smells amazingly of Jasmine but if you don't like a strong scent, then I would not recommend it to you.

Unicorn Horn - € 5,50 / piece

If I can't have a Unicorn, I am gonna buy me a Unicorn Horn, simple as it is! Lavender oil is one of the main ingredients of this product and I am curious to know in which color the water will turn to. Furthermore it is filled with sparkling lustre and candy stars.

Lonely Heart - € 5,95 / piece

The glitter junkie has struck again! The scent of this product reminds me of "star light star bright" with its fresh lime scent and here it is mixed with Rose Absolute and Bergamot oil.


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