Beauty Box December

I am not really an "on time payer" therefore I got my Beauty Box for December pretty late. But nevertheless I want to show you its content and maybe you will see a product that you'd like to try out.

My content:

1. Ananné “Amabilis Handcreme” – € 20,- / 30 ml

1. Ananné amabilis hand cream contains valuable algae extracts that moisturize intensely, nourish the skin and soothe sustainable.” I am not a huge fan of its scent but it soaks in quickly and you need just a tiny amount to get a moisturized feeling. It's a vegan product from Switzerland that will find its place on my bedside table.

2. Ingrid Millet “Caviaressence Relaxing Anti-Wrinkle Serum” – € 125,- / 15 ml

2. “... highly concentrated, regenerating anti-aging serum with lifting effect for the effective prevention and control of expression lines.” - The serum is suitable for all skin types for women above the age of 30, that's why I am gonna give it to my mum. I just hope that I have a low vision because over 100 bucks for this amount is really pricey (and a little bit insane).

3. O’RIGHT “Purple Rose Oil” (10 ml) – € 29,50 / 100 ml

3. “It repairs the cuticle of the hair to restore elasticity and luster, improves the effectiveness of care and ensures smooth, soft and supple hair.” - I am curious to try the hair oil and it's great that it comes in a travel size. It is suitable for color treated and damaged hair (just like mine after years of dyeing and bleaching).

4. Thierry Mugler “Alien Eau Extraordinaire” (6 ml) – € 109,98 / 100 ml

4. “The delicate, cheerful notes of bergamot, neroli, tiare and heliotrope create a positive atmosphere.” - As some of you may know, “Alien” by Thierry Mugler is one of my all-time favorite perfume and I like this version too because it is not so intensive and can be worn at the day time.

5. Weleda “Sanddorn Reichhaltige Pflegelotion” (20 ml) – € 7,98 / 100 ml
Hafer Aufbau-Shampoo” (18 ml) – € 5,24 / 100 ml

5. “The lotion provides the skin with nutrients, supports the moisture balance and vitalizes the structure of the skin. Dry skin is visibly and permanently maintained..” – I have heard some great stuff about the products from Weleda, so I am looking forward to try them. The scent is very bloomy but not too intense and who doesn’t need an extra portion of moisturise in Winter?

"The shampoo with organic jojoba oil and organic sage leaf extract smoothes the surface.” -  The shampoo is made for dry, damaged hair and reduces hair breakage and split ends, so I will test it soon.

6. Ligne St Barth “Avocado Oil” – € 8,50 / 25 ml

6. “The cold-pressed avocado oil is suitable for skin and hair care or as a bath oil. Avocado oil can also help to relieve skin irritations such as psoriasis and eczema.” –  I’ve used the Aloe Vera Gel of the brand before and it was amazing, especially for my sun burn, so I think the Avocado Oil will also be great.

7. Vichy “Liftactive Supreme” (15 ml) – € 40,50 / 100 ml

7. “The lifting care smoothes the skin immediately, leaving the facial expression until evening look fresh and youthful and tightens long lasting and deep wrinkles.” – This one is suitable for dry to very dry skin. Unfortunately my skin doesn’t like the Winter, that’s why I have dry patches around my nose and chin so I must use a creme for dry skin too and the ones from Vichy always did a good job.

8. Sensai “Cellular Performance Mask” (20 ml) – € 85,95 / 100 ml

8. ”The rich anti-aging mask with instant effect is suitable for every skin type.” – You can use it as a refreshing morning or night regenerating mask (just leave it on overnight).

9. Princess “Skincare Daily Youth” – € 39,- / 30 ml

9. “The refreshing Princess Skincare Daily Moisturizing Gel Youth pampers the skin lasting moisture, improves elasticity and provides the cells with the necessary energy for a radiantly beautiful complexion.”  – I’ve never heard of this brand but it is available at the pharmacy. I like that the gel is provided with a pump dispenser and it absorbs quickly, it can be used before applying make-up.

10. Guerlain “L’Homme Ideal” (1 ml) – € 127,98 / 100 ml

10. “The strong woody base note with Indian vetiver, cedar and leather gives the fragrance still more masculinity.– This perfume is - in my opinion - a very masculine one, even though you can smell the almonds, but the scent is very unique.

11. Chloé “Love Story” – € 186,63 / 100 ml

11. “The sensuality of orange blossom, the poignant femininity of stephanotis, the flower of happiness, makes the fragrance irresistible.” – I like the perfumes by Chloé because their scent is always fresh or flowery but never smells too heavy or intrusively. This one is also bloomy with a slightly hint of orange.

12. Ermenegildo Zegna “UOMO Hair & Body Wash” (50 ml) – € 17,- / 100 ml
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12. “The natural Zegna bergamot represents Italian quality and lends an air of exuberance. Violettyne Captive increases the touch of violet fragrance many times.” – If you are a man and want to seduce me: Just use this body wash and I am all yours! Just kidding, but I hope that the scent of the perfume is similar to the one from the body wash because honestly, I really like it. It smells very fresh and masculine, exactly what I like about a men's perfume.

Conclusion: I purchased this issue, because of the amount of creams. I own enough perfumes (even the sample size ones) and hair product but a good skin care treatment, in a travel size is hard to find. Last but not least, this time it contains a few brands I am not familiar with, so I just wanted to give it a try!


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