Fade to black

I am not picky when it comes to nail polishes, but a black varnish that does a great job is - in my opinion - hard to find. Either the color pay-off is nonsatisfying or it ain't a real carbon black shade, more like a greyish one.

So, hunting for a replacement for my old one from Gosh, which was great but I just wanted to try a new one, wasn't so easy as I had thought at the beginning.
But then "Black Satin" from Chanel caught my eye. It's a really deep dark black like I had wished for.
Usually I apply a base coat and then two coats, which wouldn't be necessary with this product because it transfers well after one, but I just wanted to be sure. After ten to fifteen minutes my nails are dry.

Even, if I know that Chanel products aren't that cheap, a proper black nail polish shouldn't be missing in any dressing table, because black nails look very glamorous, from my point of view.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in “Black Satin #219” – € 25,99 / 13 ml


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