I love it big: Lush Haul

It is safe to say that no Lush shop on earth is safe from me. When I was in Milan last week I shopped till I dropped (more to come) and therefore I visited the Lush store there and found myself new (and unfortunately limited) stuff and also some old favorites of mine.
Sparkly Pumpkin – € 5,95 / piece

I have to admit that I bought this bath bomb only because it is shimmery, but nevertheless, I am also a fan of its fresh scent. It contains lime and grapefruit oil and juniperberry. Unfortunately it is a limited edition and only available around Halloween.

Wizard – € 5,95 / piece

This little companion is also a limited edition but his scent kinda reminds me of “Phoenix Rising” which I absolutely adore. He looks really cute and I like the featured Silver Glimmer Lustre. This bubble bar contains fennel essential oils, juniperberry and tangerine.

Luxury Lush Pud – € 5,50 / piece

I did not intend to purchase this bath bomb, I received it as a sample from the sweet shop assistant, but I have to say that I really like it! The scent is similar to “Twilight”,so if you are a Lavender junkie, just go for it!

Snow Angel – € 6,45 / piece

This cuttie is half bath bomb and half luxury bath melt and contains cocoa butter, which softens your skin, and also golden luster. The scent is bloomy with a hint of marzipan.

Snow Fairy Shower gel - € 24,95 / 500 g

I am sure that I must not introduce you to this baby! The scent of bubble gum, cotton candy and vanilla speaks for itself! If they would sell it in canister I would go for one just because I love this product so much!

BIG Shampoo – € 21,95 / 330 g

Lately I’ve had big hair issues. I wash them every third day, but the last month they felt greasy at the second day, had no volume and did not look healthy. Didn’t matter which product I’ve used, even if I reduced the amount … they looked the same UNTIL I found this shampoo! I instantly used in on my trip and my hair felt great again (and still do), so I am gonna stick with this product.
It is made with sea salt, coconut oil and avocado oil, sure, the scent is something that needs to get used to, but this shampoo really helps.

African Paradise – € 34,95 / 240 g

To be honest, I only use the body conditioner by Lush if I want to spoil myself, because Ro’s Argan one or this are a little bit pricey if you use it every or every second day, even if I really love them. Your skin feels moisturized the whole day and it smells amazing.
You massage it on your damp skin, then rinse it out and benefit from velvety skin! It contains shea butter and mango juice.

BIG Solid Conditioner – € 16,95 / 100 g

This conditioner is suitable for all types of hair, but especially if you have fine hair (like me) because it will volumize the hair and delivers instant shine … I am really curious to try it!
Dorothy – € 4,95 / piece

I just love this bubble bar (that’s why I keep repurchasing it) because of its extraordinary smell, also do I feel refreshed after using it. It contains figs and orange oil.

Ceridwen’s Cauldron – € 6,95 / piece

This bath melt is perfect for cold (and lonely) Winter nights to sooth your dry and irritated skin. It contains Lavender, cocoa butter and walnut oil and is packed in a muslin bag so it can also be used as a gently scrub.

Sea Spray – € 18,95 / 100 g

All good things come in threes, that’s why I bought the styling spray too! It should texture and hold your style. You can use it before or after drying your hair (if you want to create a beach look).

From dusk til dawn – € 9,95 / piece

No wonder that Lush decided to keep this massage bar in the sortiment all year round – at first, it was only available around Valentine’s Day. My skin feels so soft after using it and the scent is amazing, at least if you are into citrusfruits or tangarine.


  1. Tolle Ausbeute! Ich habe Lush im Mai auch für mich entdeckt *___* Vielleicht hast du Lust ein wenig High-End Kosmetik zu shoppen oder dir ein Back Up deines teuren und gleichzetig liebsten Parfüms zu kaufen? Dann schaue auf meinem Blog vorbei, da läuft noch bis diesen Sonntag 24 Uhr ein Gewinnspiel, bei dem du entweder einen 100€ oder 50 € Gutschein gewinnen kannst:


    Ich entschuldige mich schon einmal, wenn dich die "Werbung" stört. Dann lösche das Kommi einfach. Ich wollte nur die Chance nutzen, um dich um darüber zu informieren, da man solche Chancen wohl nur sehr selten hat! :)

    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  2. Haha, you got loads of things! Well done! I really want to try those snow fairy shower gel :)

    Corinne x


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