I’m the soap, you’re the glory

Most of you may be familiar with "Soap and Glory", but for those who ain't, I am going to introduce you to some products of the british brand.


Flake Away” – € 2,93 / 50 ml


The body scrub contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt, sugar and it is also scented with their “Pink fragrance”. The body polish gently removes dead skin and leaves you with a slightly moisturized feeling. I like the mini version that I own because I found it hard to get a scrub at a travel size.


The Righteous Butter” – € 2,93 / 50 ml

This baby is also scented with their Pink fragrance, so if you don’t like the sweet smell, this body butter may not be your cup of tea. Even if it’s a body butter the formula is not heavy as you may be used from other brands (like The Body Shop, etc.).


Clean on me” – € 2,93 / 75 ml

The shower gel contains natural mandarin peel extract and makes your skin feel super soft. Also the scent isn’t flashy.


Hand Food” – € 12,95 / 500 ml

My favorite hand cream by far!! Unfortunately I ran out of the original size which stands on my bedside table. Hand food contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. It smells soo sweet and softens my dry hands, even after washing them it a few times.


The Righteous Butter Body Lotion” – € 11,70 / 500 ml

This is the lightweight version of the body butter, it sinks in very quickly and leaves you with a soft feeling on your skin. I like both versions of the Righteous Butter.


Clean, Girls” – € 12,99 / 500 ml
This baby does the same thing as “Clean on me”, it has just a different scent (“Mist You Madly”) and contains natural vanilla fruit and orchid extracts, but I do not like the smell of it, since I cannot stand vanilla.
Girligo” – € 11,95 / 200 ml
Even if this body spray contains Mineral Oil it is a favorite of mine, especially in Summer because of the light texture and the fruity scent which is a mix of peach, strawberry, yasmin, moschus and mandarin. It is suitable for normal, oily and very dry skin.

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