Get seduced: Massage candle

I love candles. I like a good moisturizing body lotion/cream. & sometimes I'd just like to get a relaxing massage. Now I can have it all in one (ok, for the massage you will need a second person). Let me just introduce you to a Massage candle.


How does it work? You light the candle for 15 minutes (or a little bit longer) and then you blow it out and allow it to cool for 30 seconds. Afterwards you pour the liquid oil into the palm of your hand or directly onto the body.

I've tried one in the lingerie shop and let me just tell you one thing: it is absolutely amazing!! You need the tiniest amount to get the softest feeling and it smells delicious. The scent and the effect last very long - the shop assistant poured it on the back of my hand and I could still smell the product after washing my hands, having a shower, etc.


Maison Close Massage Candle Vintage Rose
Maison Close Massage Candle in “Vintage Rose

I bought mine in “Vintage Rose” for € 24,90 at "La petite coquette" (if you live around Vienna) but you can purchase one from similar brands at the erotic store. The candle burns up to 45 hours.

P.S. I use it as a body oil if I want to indulge myself.




  1. This seems fab! I love the sound of it, hot massage oil.. yum!

    Corinne x

  2. Ricky Martin wurde in eines seiner Videos mit einer Massagekerze verführt...sah total sexy aus. Ich bin gespannt, wie lange die Duftkerze bei dir hält


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