February Favorites

Better late than never I sat down and summed up my February Favorites which mostly feature skincare this time. Some products were items I received in my advent calendar from Niche Beauty along with Christmas presents. Trying new products you would not get your hands on because you are not familiar with the brand, can’t find reviews of the item or just because you don’t have the time to combed through a website is the number one reason for me (besides the fact that I like to spoil myself) to buy such calendars or beauty boxes - remember those times, when Glossybox was still fabulous and not a monthly summary of products you get at the Drugstore? Yeah, I kinda miss it too!

Michael van Clarke - The No. 1 brush
Who would have thought that one of my favorites will include a hair item one day? Me neither, but it’s happening! I’ve skipped applying any hair conditioner for years so my hair thanks me with being tangled and hard to brush through, so when the TangleTeezer arrived on the beauty market, it became my savior. Nevertheless, due to the fact that I carry enough makeup related stuff with me when I am traveling, I wanna save space and don’t wanna bring two brushes with me. I know now why it is called ‘the No. 1 brush’ because it is just fabulous - it detangles and styles your hair, no matter if they are wet or dry (other than the TangleTeezer). The product is handmade and available in three sizes - small (which I own), medium and large. The pins are made from Japanese nylon and super flexible.

Oskia London - Renaissance Hand Cream
A beauty item that I always carry around is a rich hand cream because my hands used to get dry during the day, also because I wash my hands a thousand times in 24 hours (hello Monk!). This one is from Oskia, a brand I’ve never heard from before, smells like rose and chamomile and contains e.g. Shea butter, pomegranate extract to soothe and reduces inflammation. It also softens and nourishes, minimizes the appearance of age spots and dryness. It is made for dry and mature skin and perfect for cold winters plus it’s not sticky. At first I was surprised on how thin the texture is. This one is sitting on my bedside table and it provides my skin all night long.

Elizabeth Arden New York - Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm
I am not only blessed with dry hands, but with dry lips as well - and no, I drink enough water during the day, around four or five liters sound enough for me. This lip cream is designed to strengthen the moisture barrier and to make your lips look healthy again. It is recommended to use it before going to sleep or when needed, but I use it only at night time because Vaseline doesn’t hydrate my lips that long. The repair lip cream from Elizabeth Arden does and I don’t need much of it plus it is not sticky at all. I know that the little container isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but since I use it at home, my ‘fear' of an unsterile jar isn’t that big.

Marc Jacobs - Decadence Sensual Shower Gel
First things first: This shower gel is the most expensive item in my favorites category this time and honestly, I didn’t want to purchase this by myself because even I have a price limit when it comes to makeup or skincare (believe it or not). So last Christmas, where I also received the Marc Jacobs perfume in Decadence, was a great occasion to make ‚insolent’ wishes. When it comes to shower gels/creams that are highly perfumed I always fear that they will dry out my skin, which is not the case here. The gel has a strong scent (in a positive way) which fades a little when applied to your skin, but still lasts for hours. I would recommend using a neutral body milk/lotion afterwards so that you or the individuals around you are not overwhelmed by the scent.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill - Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Champagne Splits
I own one of four Champagne Splits, mine is the color Prosecco Pop/Pamplemousse. The idea of it is that you get one highlighter and one blush, something that I don’t use because of facial erythrosis, but nevertheless, I sometimes use it as an eyeshadow or in summer as blush if I am (fake-)tanned and wanna achieve a sunburned look.
Pamplemousse is a coral pink and sort of matte, but still has a little shimmer to it. Prosecco Pop can be described as a medium warm gold, while Champagne Pop has a pink undertone in it and is more of a white gold. With the Splits you get 7.95 g of product. Unfortunately this is a limited edition but you can still get them at some Sephoras or online at Cult Beauty for example.

Pamplemousse | Prosecco Pop


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