Nivea Protect & Shave

Weeks ago I got sent this Razor from Nivea to me and even it is not a brand new product anymore I still like to review it for you guys. I really wanted to test it for some time before telling you “yeah” or “better don’t”.


Nivea “Protect & Shave Razor” – € 8,99 / pack (3 pcs.)

After using it for more than one month I can say that it is a great product, especially the flexible hinge is a good thing because I don’t cut myself (that often) like I normally tend to do with my Gillette Venus one. Also the 5 razor blades system gives a good and even result. The razor furthermore has a built-in shave gel with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to provide a nourishing feeling but it doesn’t replace the additional shaving gel/cream. My legs and armpits are really smooth and don’t feel dry nor do I have red patches after shaving them. One razor will last for approximately 20 applications. It feels good in your hand because of the ergonomic anti-slip hold.

Nivea “After Shave Body Lotion” – € 3,95 / 250 ml


I also got the Nivea After Shave Body Lotion and it really soothes my skin, not every lotion does her job but this one does (and I am very picky when it comes to such lotions), so I will definitely buy this one if I ran out of the sample.

Would I buy the razor? Honestly, even if it’s a great product, I am still not sold on it yet, what does bother me is that you cannot replace the blade. I guess it’s because of the flexible hinge. This may be a stupid cause for you but that’s just my opinion. In the long run the Nivea one is more affordable than for example my Gillette one, that’s for sure.


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