Wild Bluebell

When I went crazy for shopping in Milan I did not intend to buy any fragrances because honestly, the amount of perfumes, eau de toilettes, etc. that I own will last for the next five to six years – yeah, that’s no joke! But we all know that things never turn out the way you expect it. While I was spending my money on M.A.C. products at “la Rinascente” my mother tried out all fragrances at the Jo Malone counter that the shop assistant handled her. When I finally found her there, all I can remember is: me buying a new cologne.

Before we get started: just a quick reminder, that this is a cologne, so if you expect a strong, long lasting fragrance, then I have to disappoint you.

It's a floral but fresh scent, kinda reminds me of spring ... a walk in the park and you can smell the odor of the lily of the valley when they blossom out.
In my opinion it is the perfect fragrance for summer because of its easiness. After eleven hours of wearing the cologne I could still perceive the product, but not as intense as I did when I applied it.

If you are on the hunt for a unique fragrance then I would recommend this product to you (or any other cologne from Jo Malone). Even, if it was a little bit pricey, for me it was worth the money.

Jo Malone “Wild Bluebell Cologne” – € 48,- / 30 ml


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