Glossybox April

Welcome to another issue of Glossybox also known as Drugstore box. Due to the late delivery I am presenting you the April issue in May. This time it is all about spring. But let's just see what I got.

The Products:

1. Mitchell and Peach Bodycream (40 ml) - € 43,70 / 180 ml

1. “The rich body cream with pure English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter will take you with wonderfully delicate skin in the sunny season. The care intensively moisturizes and leaves a heady, floral fragrance.” - If you are not into the mix of honey and lavender, then I would not recommend this product to you. I am a huge fan of the handcream from the same brand, because it really softens your skin, so I am really keen on trying that bodylotion.

2. Borotalco Spray Deodorant - € 3,99 / 150 ml

2. “With innovative and natural Microtalc formula, it absorbs sweat more efficiently than conventional antiperspirants and, with the pure fragrance for long-lasting well-being. The deodorant is alcohol free and dermatologically tested.” - You can never go wrong with an alcohol free deo, but it contains Aluminium Chlorohydrate, which doesn't bother me, but may bother you!

3. J. Cat Beauty "Shine lip glaze balm" in #SLG113 "Thullian Pink" -
€ 3,95 / 7 ml

3. "A seductive and stunning red lips is a must. Boasting excellent pigmentation and delicate shade the gloss makes the lip color shine through easily and gives a natural look with long-lasting shine. In addition, the lips look fuller after application." - The result is very discreet and as you can see in the swatch, it contains a little bit of glitter. The formula itself is not sticky but also not very long-lasting. If you just want to add a little bit of color to your lips, this lip glaze works well.

4. Essence Ultime "Omega Repair Beauty Balm" - € 9,99 / 100 ml
"Omega Repair Shampoo" (50 ml) - € 4,99 / 250 ml

4. "The luxurious 7-in-1 Hair balm with rich omega oil has the optimal drug formula to meet the spring with beautiful hair all around. He repairs, has a constructive effect, controls split ends, gives shine, flexibility, bounce, vitality and combing, regulates the moisture level and does not weigh on." - Another month. Another hair stuff. The shampoo is a goodie, but the size is great for travelling and it is developed with Claudia Schiffer.

5. Love me green "Organic Regeneration Day Face Cream" (15 ml) -
€ 17,90 / 50 ml

5. "With the regenerating and non-greasy day cream with organic pomegranate seed oil to help your complexion to a freshly-dapper start to the new season. It supplies the skin throughout the day with moisture and promotes cell renewal." - I've never heard of this brand before, but the products sounds really great, so I am gonna try that facial cream very soon. The company produces 100 % natural cosmetics with natural plant ingredients and organic plant extracts and organic oils; developed and produced 100 % in France; 100 % free of isopropyl palmitate;
100 % free of parabens; 100 % free of silicones, paraffins & petroleum andno animal testing.

Essence (Balm+Shampoo)        € 10,99
J.Cat                                                  €   3,95
Love me green                              €    5,37
Borotalco                                        €    3,99
Mitchell and Peach                      €     9,71
Total:                                            €  34,-

This issue is just another box that I really don't like, so instead of complaining but do not change anything, I've cancelled my subscription to Glossybox, so the May issue will be my last. I don't need fancy brands or products but I don't want to pay for the 20th hair product or facial cream (just remember the last box).



  1. Ich finde die Sachen jetzt gar nicht mal schlecht. Die Claudia Schiffer Produkte sind echt toll, aber ich ertrage den Duft nicht. Habe Shampoo und Spülung weggeworfen. Leider. Mir haben die Glossybox Posts immer gut gefallen, aber ich kann dich verstehen. Angeblich gibt es am Wochenende schönes Wetter. Die Hoffnung stirbt zu letzt. Wünsch dir einen tolle Woche :D

    xx Mira


    1. Ich möchte gar nicht behaupten, dass die Produkte schlecht sind, sie sind einfach nicht das, was ich mir in einer Glossybox wünsche oder erwarte, vor allem, wenn sie die Preiserhöhung der Box damals damit begründet hatten, dass luxuriösere Marken reinkommen. Danke, die wünsche ich dir auch und natürlich schönes Wetter :D

  2. I feel the same about glossy box, too many cremes and not enough fun makeup etc to play with!

    Corinne x


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