Fa Frozen Fruities

When it comes to shower gels I am not very picky, for me it is important that the product smells good and it does not dry out my skin like a soap, e.g. does. So I am very happy that Fa has launched a limited edition called "Frozen Fruities", available in two versions.

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"Frozen Fruities Chilled Appletini" -
€ 2,29 / 250 ml

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"Frozen Fruities Himbeer Daiquiri" -
€ 2,29 / 250 ml

Frozen Fruities ensures refreshing care experience. It combines special care with cooling effects and fruity scents. The Fa Frozen Fruities shower gel leaves on the skin a light protective film, pampers the skin and protects it from drying out. The new formula with menthol cools and gives a pleasant kick of freshness. The formula is very mild and protects the skin from drying out.
I will definitely buy the two sorts because a fresh and cooling shower gel is not only great in summer, but also after doing sports and these scents sound really cool.


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