Birthday cravings

birthday cravings

On July 5th I am turning 25. That calls for a wish list, even if it is a little bit early for that, but lately I've been asked by friends and family what I want for that occasion. So here we go.

1. M.A.C. Heroine lipstick. Heroine is back ... that means one thing: I must have it. This vibrant matte purple is just a kickass lip color.

2. Tracy Anderson "The Method for beginners" DVD. I am a huge fan of the Tracy Anderson Method, that's why I want to try her "new" DVD, especially because there she explains her exercises way better.

3. Urban Decay "Electric Palette". I know that most people may think that these colors look "clownish" and I am ok with that, because I can make these colors work for everyday without looking like a fool ;-) I am glad that UD kept the packaging quite simple and that it is a permanent palette.

4. New Lush goodies. You know that I am a Lushie, but there are plenty of products which I have not tried yet ... let's change that fact! Some of the products I want to give a try:
Eyeliner in “Fantasy
Deodorant “Aromaco
Face cleanser “Dark angels
Face cream “Cosmetic lad

5. P!nk - The truth about love tour DVD. I just love her and her music mainly because she is soo refreshing and she really can sing - what an exception these days.

6. Cookbook holder. That funny thing is a cookbook holder, quite practical because you don't touch the book with your dirty fingers while reading the recipe.



  1. Da hast du dir tolle Sachen ausgesucht. Ich finde die Palette auch sehr schön und du wirst bestimmt nicht wie ein Clown damit aussehen, aber die ist echt teuer. Ich hoffe du bekommst sie als Geburtstagsgeschenk :D

    xx Mira


  2. der lippenstift sieht richtig toll aus:)


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