St. Tropez - Self Tan Express Starter Kit

Since finding the perfect self-tanning product is always a challenge, I wanna introduce you to the "Self Tan Express Kit" from St. Tropez. This company has been my go to label for years regarding fake tan. I've also tried spray tanning but due to my lighter skin tone it doesn't last as long as I wish it would. Furthermore, because I go tanning on a regular base it would be pretty expensive because it costs around € 43 (here in Vienna) including the required exfoliator and if I’m honest, I don't wanna run around without makeup (in the city) even if you are told to do so. I loved the result but for me, it's just not worth the money and effort.
But now, I am gonna stop rambling and focus on the kit.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Starter Kit Review

What you get in here:
Tan Enhancing body polish 75 ml | 2.53 fl oz US
Tan Enhancing boy moisturiser 75 ml | 2.53 fl oz US
Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse 50 ml | 1.69 fl oz US
Tan Applicator Mitt

I bought mine at Sephora and I think there are two or three different types, so the third product does vary. I was only familiar with the original bronzing mousse, so I thought the kit was just a great and more affordable opportunity to try the other stuff.

Please keep in mind: if your skin has a lighter tone you can't expect miracles like looking like you've spent weeks on the Bahamas. That won't be the case because your skin won't absorb the product as much as it does on medium skin tones f.e., especially if you get sunburned easily.

Tan Enhancing body moisturiser Review

Tan Enhancing body polish review

Tan Enhancing body polish & Tan Enhancing body moisturiser
What both products should do is ensure an even, streak-free color, improve fading and reduce tan break-up. Depending on the areas - my legs and my neck are literally bastards when it comes to tanning - the result lasts me up to seven days, no matter if I moisturize each day. That being said, I personally wouldn't buy the moisturiser or the polish individually because I neither get a better or worser result like I can achieve with other (cheaper) products. Both are around $ 18 and contain 200 ml | 6.7 fl oz.

Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse Preview

Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse
Since we don't have time to wait hours for tanning products to fully activate their effect, there also exists an express version. You can achieve three different results: one hour: light; two hours: medium and three hours - yeah, you've guessed it right - dark. The first time I used this product I rinsed it off after one hour and I got a nice, sun-kissed tan, but since I am always 'extra' I apply my self-tanner before I am heading to bed, even if it's not recommended to do so. I like to use the express mousse for my face, neck and décolleté. The first and the third area are getting dark after one application, but for my neck, I need two applications to achieve a darker tan. I use the original self-tan mousse for the rest of my face and I always use the mitt that comes with the kit because if you have ever tried applying a self-tanning mousse with your bare hands, I am sure you have learned your lessons like I did. So, with $ 44 the express bronzing mousse ain't a bargain but in my opinion worth every penny!

Nevertheless, please keep in mind that what may not work for me can work for you. So, if you are new to self-tanning or ain't familiar with St. Tropez I would highly recommend purchasing this kit because for $ 27 you cannot go wrong. The sizes of their samples are reasonable and it's not like you've used half of the product after one application.


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