May favorites

While in Vienna/Austria the weather wasn’t showing its best side I spent the majority of May in the UAE where it had 41 degrees and wasn’t cloudy at all. So for me the last month was all about the heat.
May favorites
1. Origins “GinZing refreshing eye cream” / 2. Sephora “Flawless moisturizing lotion SPF 15 sunscreen” /
3. Essie “tart deco” / 4. Too Faced “Shadow Insurance” / 5. Dolce&Gabbana “#260 Provocative

1. This tinted eye cream helps to brighten and depuff and diminishes dark circles. It doesn’t have a cooling effect but nevertheless it gives good results – I use it only in the morning because of its tint. After applying it you will look awake even after a long night.

2. Since a good face moisturizer is half the rent – especially in summer and winter – I bought this moisturizing lotion when I was at Sephora. It has SPF 15, a fluid lightweight texture and works perfectly for combination to oily skin and humidity areas. I need to buy myself an additional bottle because it’s awesome and hydrates the skin so you won’t have cakey face after applying your foundation.

3. This nail varnish is perfect for summer and its coral color looks even better on tanned (or in my case fake tanned) skin. Furthermore it lasted me approximately one week without a chip.
4. A creasing eye shadow isn’t really cute that's where this baby comes in – it will help your eye shadow to last all day without settle in the crease and a little goes a long way.

5. A woman can’t own to many lipsticks, right? This creamy long-lasting one moisturizes your lips, so you don’t need to apply a lip balm before applying it and the pink color really pops out and gives you a fresh looking appearance. 

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  1. Lucky you! I envy you for the month spent in the UAE. But now the summer arrived also in Vienna, so I am also happy. The nail varnish looks really nice.


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