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As a beauty junkie I am always excited if I find new products, which I can test (and happy if I've made a great deal), therefore I want to share my joy with you and show you some products that I've been in love lately with.

DIPTYQUE “Rosa Mundi”


Most of you know that I am a candle lover and since it's already gotten cold outside it's time for the cosy afternoons and weekends that I spend in my pyjamas, drinking a cup of tea surrounded by some candles.
I've heard great things about the diptyque products, so I was glad that I found a candle on sale. Unfortunately it was a limited edition and is no longer available. "Rosa Mundi" smells like a rose with notes of blackcurrant, lychee and honey and it it burns up to 60 hours. Wonderful!

The Body Shop “Chocomania Body Scrub” – € 16,- / 200 ml

Ok, let’s be honest: this product is … not new to me, but it’s just great. It exfoliates your skin very gentle and leaves an oily film, so that you don't have to use a body lotion afterwards. The chocolate smell is just delicious.

Inglot Body Pigment Powder in “214” – € 16,-

This bright neon pink body pigment powder can be used as a lip color, the product insert says that it should not be applied on the eyelids, but since I don't have super sensitive eyes and I bought it because I thought that it was a product which you can use as an eye shadow ... I just applied it there (and nothing bad did happen). It lasted very long (10+ hours) and was removed easily.
If you like to spread it on your mouth, just apply a transparent lip gloss and with a lip brush you coat the powder on your lips.

Lush “Ambrosia” – € 9,45 / 100 g

Ambrosia is not only suitable for men but also for women that have sensitive skin. My skin on my legs gets very irritated when I shave them too often, but then I used this shaving cream and everything was fine ... no red (and dry) skin, no itchy feeling. It contains oat milk, cocoa butter and chamomile extract. Definitely a product which is going to be my favorite.

Giorgio Armani “Acqua di Gioia” EdP (€ 77,95 / 100 ml) & Body lotion (€ 31,95 / 150 ml)

I received this perfume two years ago and I was just amazed about its smell. Fresh, light, with a hint of jasmin ... one of my favorite scents ever! Since I never had the chance to try the body lotion I was very happy that the Duty Free Shop offered a set which has contained the perfume (100 ml) and the lotion (75 ml) for € 70,- ... no need to say that I bought it!


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