Cherry lips by Tom Ford

I am not a big fan of buying a product just because of the brands name or because someone famous created it, that was the reason why I wasn’t excited as hell when e. g. Marc Jacobs launched his cosmetic line including lipsticks, etc.

Tom Ford Lipstick “Cherry Lush #10” – € 49,95 / 3 g

At my vacation in Dubai this May I took a look at the Tom Ford lipsticks but I couldn’t find a prize and since it is Tom Ford, I wasn’t keen on asking the man from the counter just to here an insane number for a product that I don’t know its quality and saying “good-bye” to him without buying anything. Long story short: I am glad that I won this lipstick so I can test it and maybe if I like it spoil myself with another color.

Normally I don’t use lip products with a luster finish that often, I am more a fan of matte ones because I don’t have to touch up my make up that often but I am liking the Tom Ford one. It’s moisturizing and ultra-creamy so you don’t need an additional lip balm, if your lips aren’t that dry and the lip color doesn’t bleed, even with using no lip liner.

“Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.”

After four to five hours I had to reapply it a little bit because I was drinking a lot (damn heat!) and after eating of course, I think that’s pretty OK. The question is: Would I (re-)purchase it? Yes, definitely, but honestly, since this product is bloody expensive I would not recommend buying it if you use a lipstick twice a month otherwise the lipstick won’t charge off and also keep in mind that I am not talking about Tom Ford lipsticks in general, just about this one in particular.


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